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Carpentry exposed

Solar powered home

Impressive gable home

A home on 4 levels

Earth textures

L3 Fire Rated

Lofts & hanging libraries

Homestead amongst the trees.

Plans For Sale

Arthur's home

Rammed earth wall.


Homes from the Earth



"... there was once a timeless simplicity, honesty and function in our dwellings.

Over time, the indigenous evolution of our homes was replaced by packaged 'engineered' solutions to housing.

Home construction became mass production and resource-use knew no boundaries, nor environmental consequences. Effectively, technology & mass consumption fast-tracked developments at the expense of the total environment. Critical global life sustaining limits have now been reached."           ( Arthur Ferreira,  'Eco Homes  -  A current state analysis of the built environment and an ecological alternative',  1995 )


To what extent have mainstream homes contributed to such eco catastrophe? And is the current proliferation of 'eco' branded products and businesses, environmentally benign? Or are they masking a 'business as usual' approach under minimal 'off the shelf' green credentials?

By adopting accountable, inter-disciplinary measures, we can successfully design and build  eco homes within an ecological sustainable and resource ethical context. Through environmental auditing all aspects of a building product's life cycle, implementing solar active & passive technologies, recycling, minimising, management of building related illnesses, etc... Eco HABITATS can assist you with resource conservation and your well being.


Developing Sustainable Environments

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