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Carpentry exposed

Solar powered home

Impressive gable home

A home on 4 levels

Earth textures

L3 Fire Rated

Lofts & hanging libraries

Homestead amongst the trees.

Plans For Sale

Arthur's home

Rammed earth wall.


Homes from the Earth


Conscientious consumers are demanding more responsibility from those who undertake projects with environmental impacts and health risks; such as the homes we live in.

Eco HABITATS is passionately committed to developing residential buildings, which meet and often exceed current environmental standards. We provide a trouble-free, full, in-house architectural, engineering and construction service for the home building industry with an emphasis on sustainability. Our eco homes become a profitable, socially responsible & future environmental investment.

Through ethical and energy efficient materials, and product selections, be it:

Mud brick,

Recreated sandstone pressed blocks,

Straw bale,

Rammed earth,

Managed and Recycled timber,

Wattle and daub, or


our eco homes are designed to be healthy and provide all-year-round, natural thermal comfort. They all become very special Habitats, harmoniously integrated with the environment and in-balance with natural eco systems. In fact... with computer simulation, we can design energy efficient and healthy homes for construction anywhere in Australia.

Successful environmental home design is inter-disciplinary and unique in that it demands creative problem solving under difficult sets of constraints. 'Green' performance and structural adequacy of building materials, site conditions (fire hazard level, micro climates, etc.) and the 'real-world' constraints of budget, are general design considerations affecting sustainability. If your life is to become environmentally sustainable 'at-a-budget', then Eco HABITATS can design and build an affordable, socially responsible eco home. After all, not all of us can afford to meet all of our needs of today without partially jeopardising the future.

As a cross-disciplinary organisation, our products and services are many, and most are inextricably interwoven:

Structural engineering design

Computer aided architectural design

Fire hazard level assessment, design and construction to Flame Zone Level

. 3D computer modelling & rendering

In-house NATHers home energy rating

Product life-cycle analysis and environmental auditing

Sick building syndrome, water and waste management

Construction project management and documentation

Construction estimates and building quotes

Blue Mountains building inspections

Blue Mountains land inspections and appraisals

At-distance home design and documentation

Design and installation of photovoltaics

Eco building research and trade specifications

Sourcing and supplying salvaged timbers

Supplying straw bale home building kits and pressed earth blocks.

Promoting environmental awareness within the building industry

Developing Sustainable Environments

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