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Homes from the Earth


Testimonial 1

We have been living in our "Eco-Habitats" home since April 2001 and are totally thrilled with it.  We still get strangers stopping by to look at it and everyone comments on how lovely the mud bricks are and how professionally finished it is.  It is nice to be able to tell people that we are happy with the builder and gladly recommend him.  Arthur was not the first builder we approached with our ideas, but as soon as we met with him there was an instant rapport.   He was easy to communicate with, had an eye for detail and seemed enthusiastic about his work, and those were important criteria.  Those first impressions held true and we became good friends, I doubt many people could say that about their building experience.

We were keen to incorporate as many "sustainable" elements in the construction as possible and Arthur was willing to explore new ideas, no matter how crazy they seemed, and helped us prioritise our wish list while keeping our budget in mind.  He was always suggesting ways we could save money by doing certain things ourselves and now we feel we really contributed to the creation of our home.  Our block is quite steep and Arthur oversaw the earthworks to ensure that minimal clearing was done and the surrounding bush was maintained.

Everyday we say how lucky we are to have such a beautiful, unique home knowing that it was built in a manner that preserves our natural resources.  I don't think we'll ever be able to live anywhere else!


Testimonial 2

We have been in our home for ten months.

We are very proud of our home- itís unique style and materials. Many people have been impressed with our bricks, recycled timber and how our home blends into the bush setting of the Blue Mountains.

The home has proven its comfortable thermal qualities through the recent Summer and Winter.

Building with Eco Habitats has enabled us to make many choices on materials and design. Consequently we have a home that suits our family in many unique ways


Developing Sustainable Environments

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